Satisfactory edited brightness, utter deception of owning a pair of long lean legs and rare occasion of wearing a dress will hence call for a jpeg.images diarrhoea. The occurrence of this dress when came upon was a definite love at first sight. So I proceeded on with a round search in my room for my sunflower headband as I thought it'll go well with the dress. Hereby, allowing me to present snapshots of how the idea turned out. This is the outfit I'll likely go with if being asked for picnic dates. They call it killer heels for a reason. No doubt, I'd change them to a pair of comfy footwear if I'm going on dates as aforementioned. Now, it definitely seems like spring is calling if you imagine yourself sitting with your legs side crossed on a cloth lay above a field of grass, munching on sandwiches. How picturesque!



Outfit: Pink Sweater from H&M | Skater Skirt from Online | Low Top Converse Sneakers

Holla again, people! *waves vigorously* 
I had been mia for way too long so really, I cannot contain my excitement to finally be able to write again! To some of you who'd been questioning the existence of this blog, my sincere apologies but let's call this "The Return of The Death" 

Sipping on ribena and behaving like a carefree adolescent while shooting. The addition of neon pink socks totally gave me the excuse to act like one because I used to wear socks with extraordinary designs and colours when I was a kid. And the next thing I'll do? Show them off to my friends. Speaking of that, I still do that now so I guess it makes no difference haha.

The constant shedding of the sweater and its colour made me felt like a human sized cotton candy when put on. I still like this sweater nevertheless. Got to put a stop now as I have piles of incomplete work but I hope you have a great weekend ahead! Do drop me questions on ask.fm/tumblr though as I'll love to hear from you guys again! xx 



 Outfit: One of A Kind Muscle Tee from Online | Denim from Topshop | High Waisted Shorts from UK

Dropping the bass and having the tendency to speak the hip hop/gangster language when editing these. This feeling often occurs when I got mah sunglasses on, rollin' down da streets. What's lacking in the picture right now is probably a mustang. Displaying one of a kind tee and black shorts combo, with an addition of long sleeve denim to up my swag level (jokes). And for updates, I changed my tumblr's theme. Do check it out! (link) Now imma be rapping to Kanye West/Lil Wayne though I'd probably bite my tongue while doing that.
Peace out! #swagchecked